Which member of PACER are you?

1. Someone just insulted you. Your response is...
Don't worry about it. That kind of slander just goes to show you're better than them.
Hey! What the hell was that for?!
Be a little hurt, but say nothing.
Wonder why they did that, until you're distracted by something shiny!
Aw, that wasn't very nice... *snaps* I'LL KILL THEM! I'LL KILL ALL OF THEM!!
...I'm going to make them regret it.
Smile slyly and say a clever comeback.
Tch. They can say whatever you want. I'm used to it.
Just smile and laugh.

2. When it comes to the most important people in your life, they are...
Not people. I wuv my little animal friends.
My friends. La la la. Unless they betray me. Grr...
My followers. ...That is all. It's best not to get too close to anyone.
My parents, because I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them.
...Fun to be with!
The one person I admire, look up to, and follow.
My family, my significant other, and what few friends I have.
My significant other. I'm not too close to my friends or family.
I'm not sure...

3. Someone just met you. Their first general impression of you is that you are...
smart, mature, beautiful
loud, self-centered, sarcastic
happy, energetic, naive
strict, calm, ruthless
cynical, obsessive, scary
quiet, shy, mysterious
chipper, flakey, annoying
weird, random, psychotic
friendly, helpful, creative

4. Someone important to you is in danger! (Like, hanging on a branch on the side of a cliff or something. I dunno.) You...
Watch as people go out to save them, and cheer on the brave heroes!
Are bitter because you're pretty much powerless to save them.
Get your followers to save them. You're better at organizing rather than taking action.
Hope somebody does something. You sure as hell can't do anything!
Go out to save them, but definitely not alone.
Stay calm! You know they can pull themselves out of it. You believe in their strength.
Panic. Maybe cry hysterically. Then go insane and leap right into the danger.
Go out to save them...with little planning beforehand. You end up being in danger with them.
Save them as quickly as possible. You're very protective.

5. What's your ideal job?
There are so many things I'm good at, I can't decide.
Anything high-paying that requires a lot of intelligence. Maybe a lawyer.
The leader of a group who supports a good cause.
A tour guide, because you get to meet all sorts of interesting people, and help them out!
I don't really want to work... I'm not good with social situations.
Like anyone would be crazy enough to hire someone like me.
Anything, as long as it's fun! ...And doesn't take too much brainpower.
A police officer, or a special force soldier!
Something with computers.

6. Your friends would say you should be...
More compassionate and caring, you jerk.
Less chipper and happy, because it can get annoying after a while.
More outspoken and self-confident.
Seeing a psychologist.
Less stubborn and sarcastic and boring.
Less serious and have more fun.
Less jealous.
More expressive with your negative feelings.
Less dense.

7. The more people get to know you, the more they will learn...
That although you seem well-adjusted on the outside, you have a lot of problems inside.
How you've endured a lot of crud in your lifetime, yet still manage to be optimistic and confident.
...Nothing? I don't really have a deep or secret side. I'm easy to figure out.
How disturbing you can be.
That you're not a total bastard; you care for your friends and family deeply.
Why you're so bitter and cynical.
Your past which you'd rather not talk about.
Just how lonely you are.
That you will give up everything for the one you love.

8. What does this world need?
More peace and quiet.
Less laws, less authority, less people telling me what to do, less peope like Sysreq.
Authority. And less idiots.
Equality. And people who take the law into their own hands, for the greater good.
Err... More good things...?
People who don't pick on other people just because they're different.
No laws that prevents people from marrying whoever they love, that's for sure.
More fairness.

9. Your weapon of choice?
My mad hax0r skillz.
Something threatning enough and lightweight, yet stylish... like, say, a whip.
Anything lying around. Pens, broomsticks, frying pans...
Nothing but my hands and feet, and smart thinking. ....And a taser. For special situations.
Uh, I don't like fighting... Go, my animal friends. Kill! Kill!
Things that go boom. Hehee.
Guns. Cool guns.
Something ridiculously large and scary. That'll scare 'em... kekeke.
I don't fight, but I'm willing to give assistance wherever I'm needed.

10. Here's a classic online quiz question... You're at a party. What are you most likely to be doing?
The center of attention, because I'm just so entertaining.
Going around, talking to whoever I run into, having a good time.
I'd be helping the host out!
Sticking close to my significant other/best friend.
Having a great time. Parties are so fun!
I would be the host.
I don't like parties... people make me nervous. I'll be in the corner, keeping to myself.
...I wouldn't be invited to one, you know...

11. If you were a school stereotype, you'd be...
The brain.
The weirdo.
The loner.
The hippie.
The goth.
The jock.
The loveable idiot.
The ditz.
The authority.

12. What is your relationship with anger?
Anger towards the world... I'm full of it.
Whenever I get angry, I try to keep it inside...
It's difficult to anger me... except when others harm the people I love.
I'm usually good-natured, but sometimes, I just SNAP.
Getting angry is probably the last thing I'd do. I don't like being angry.
I get angry when dealing with idiots.
Yeah, I'm short-tempered. So what?
I spaz out sometimes, but it doesn't last long.
Anger? What's that?

13. Finally, how do you feel about other PACERs?
Nine is hot.
I feel sorry for Tristan...
They're nice. Nine does a good job. I want Kerbie's pet fish.
Feight is pretty.
I hate Sysreq.
They're all freaks. Freaks, I tell you.
Nine is a great leader, and Sysreq should listen to him more.
They should really spend more time with Ellipsis...
What can I say? I like them all. Wheeee!